news: april workshop – discover the wonders of paper


10am–2pm Saturday 16 April 2016

$75 per participant (plus nominal materials cost)

Includes light refreshments

Bookings essential – maximum 10 participants


It can be all too easy to take paper for granted! In this increasingly digital era, for many of us paper is just the Manly Daily on the driveway, another bill in the letter box, or a stack of A4 in the printer for the kids’ school projects? But paper is actually an extraordinary product with a history dating back to Han Dynasty China (206 BC–220 AD) and for two millennia it has transformed the way we create, communicate and record aspects of our daily lives.


In this workshop ‘Discover the wonders of paper’, we embrace and explore just a handful of the truly vast diversity of paper arts and crafts currently being practised around the world – from rubbing, embossing and stencil cutting, through book carving, paper weaving and numerous other sculpture techniques, to origami, assemblage and paper engineering (including simple ‘pop-up’ mechanics) and finishing with a simple Japanese binding process to hold all our works together as a useful ‘workbook’ for future reference and creative inspiration.


Martin has experienced a life-long fascination with paper since being given, as a child, giant rolls of architectural drawings for scrap paper. The obsession only grew over time and making, working on, or constructing with, various papers and creative disciplines has been a constant thread through all his many career choices – from printing and graphics, through theatre and film, to exhibitions and interiors, furniture and artworks. Paper in some form or capacity truly does pervade our every daily activity.


Paper is endlessly versatile and captivating. Please join us on this exciting adventure into the many possibilities of the paper universe. But if you’re still not sure what you’ll gain from the workshop, simply give Martin a call (or send an email) with any questions you may have or just to have a chat about what you will learn and do on the day.


It’s never too late to create! And paper is a great place to start …