news: artist profile


I have once again been fortunate enough to work with the wonderful team at Orange Regional Gallery, now under the very capable Directorship of Bradley Hammond, and in partnership with Artist Profile magazine. The exhibition ‘Artist Profile: Australasian Painters 2007-2017’ is ostensibly in recognition of the magazine’s ten years and forty issues – but of course it is truly about the current state of Australasian painting practice and the myriad artists that sustain it.


Showcasing a single work by each of 142 different artists – all in a single 20 x 20 metre gallery, this was a curatorial, logistics and design challenge par excellence! Happily, absolutely everyone on the extended team (not least the artists themselves) fully embraced the project and collectively contributed to what I hope has resulted in a compelling visitor experience.


The great trust placed in me by the curators Kon Gouriotis & Lucy Stranger, assisted by Melissa Pesa, was exceptional and most humbling, whilst the intensive creative input by Bradley significantly eased the burden of responsibility I felt, both toward the artists represented and the intended viewing public. Perhaps the greatest challenge, gracefully met by the gallery team, was that of physically realising my installation schema – translating the drawings and transforming them into a wonderful ‘journey’ through the canvases.


The exhibition continues until 10 September 2017 and I strongly urge everyone to take this opportunity to immerse themselves in this unequalled survey of contemporary painting practice.