news: declutter

Blocks Group

After 17 years in this beautiful home, Roberta and I decided we were well overdue a proper clean-out and a re-think of how best to utilise the furniture and spaces it contains. This was no small undertaking! Many months later we are (almost) finished – but the results have been very gratifying, both for us and (I hope) the various charity organisations we have gifted car-loads of quality items surplus to our true needs.


With the ‘decks’¬†cleared, there was finally room to consider some more appropriate storage solutions for the myriad small items that so often become essential in an artist’s life and work – rather than all the ‘that’ll do’ boxes, old touring crates, or hand-me-down shelves that we all make suffice when the family budget simply won’t stretch to custom-builds. Hence our personalising of the very adequate but slightly¬†bland cabinet from Ikea.

Reels Group

And, after way too many years sitting in the plan-file, finally framing and hanging Roberta’s treasured ‘telegraph pole’ rock posters. Plus, as a balancing act on an opposite wall, a suite of four new block prints in a similar colour range (at top of this news post). Or (below), my small collection of B&W’s by photographers I have worked with and admire – William Yang, Gary Heery, Scott Wajon, Lewis Morley, David Moore, etc.

B&W Group

An altogether gratifying result, and a collection of revised working and resting spaces that have significantly improved our day-to-day activities. It is at moments like this that I feel compelled to acknowledge the extraordinary good fortune – just the plain dumb luck of birth – that enables me to experience this life. And to feel perhaps an obligation to use such an opportunity to offer something – whatever that might be – in return?