news: thank you


Roberta and I simply wish to extend a huge thanks to everyone who supported our little exhibiting venture at the Creative Space.


Matt Mincoff and the Creative Arts Team at Northern Beaches Council for their wonderful enthusiasm and efficiency in enabling the entire project to proceed in such a smooth and trouble-free fashion.


All our extraordinary family, friends and acquaintances, plus brave members of the public for making our Opening Night event such a busy and joyful celebration of our achievement.


The visitors from far and near throughout the exhibition’s two week run who showed such glorious curiosity and expressed such genuine pleasure in encountering our combined creative output.


In the midst of¬†preparing the preliminary drawing for one of my works in the lead-up to the exhibition, I penned a small note on its margin – ‘The most challenging aspect of persisting with a personal arts practice is maintaining self belief.’ – A sentiment that is perhaps shared by many creative artists?


But your combined support, visitation, enthusiasm, curiosity, questions, discussions, purchases, participation and just plain good company during our short stay at the Creative Space has made us both very pleased indeed to have put our work and ourselves in the public eye once more.


The rewards of being a creative arts practitioner are oft-times somewhat intangible Рbut none the less valuable for being so!

Thank you all.